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Jamaican Cucumber Juice Drink Issue #010
January 21, 2005

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Well it’s another January again and I am ready to roll. It seems like it was yesterday that we were celebrating the beginning of 2004. Anyway, I hope you tried that Gungo (Pigeon) Peas Soup recipe I sent you last month. If you didn’t, then give it a try sometime this month and let me know…I’ll be waiting on your report.

But this year has gotten off to a nice start and I hope it will continue like this in the coming months. I have a few things planned for you, nothing big, that will make your subscribing to Foodie Jamaican a worthwhile effort.

Alright, in the coming months I will introduce a service called a (Jamaican Food) Product Locator Service (PLS). This way if you can’t find a Jamaican food product in your area, I will try to find it and ship it to you. But you will bear the cost of shipping and other associated expenses.

The next thing I planned to do is bring you some more “off the beaten path” Jamaican recipes. Yes, the kinds you may not find in some of the more famous Jamaican cookbooks. Yah Mon! And give you some more tips and tricks about sprucing your traditional recipes using some Jamaican techniques.

Now here is a cool juice drink you’ll enjoy:

Cucumber Juice (Drink)


2 cucumbers

8 cups Water

1 tbsp. Ginger (grated)

1 lime

1 orange

4 tbsp. Sugar

The number of cucumbers used is dependent on the amount of drink needed

The amount of water is dependent on the amount of juice required


Wash cucumbers to remove dirt or foreign matter. Cut cucumbers in ¼” sizes, do not measure just estimate the sizes. Add water, cucumber pieces and grated ginger to an electric blender and puree for 3 to 4 minutes. Strain in jug , add other ingredients and mix to taste.

Ice cubes may also be added to make juice more refreshing.

You could substitute the sugar for honey if you like.


Yah Mon!

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