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Escoveitch Fish #033
April 29, 2007

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Escoveitch Fish You know how sometimes you hear things about the origin of foods and other things and cant figure out how did anyone come to this conclusion. Well, the same thing is said about Escoveitch Fish. You see, the going belief is that this way of making fish is a variation of ceviche, a popular South American dish made with citrus juices.

If you check out ceviche and Escoveitch Fish you will see that they don’t have the same preparation and cooking method. So there goes the story about the origins of Escoveitch Fish. And, if I am wrong, do let me know.

Well, Ecoveitch Fish is not a regular home served meal. It is one of Jamaica’s finger foods that you get at a party, in bar/restaurant, or roadside food stand. Not that people don’t make it a home sometimes but it cant compete with Brown Stew Fish in the home.

Escoveitch Fish

Well the thing about escoveitch fish is the way you prepare the sauce that makes it taste on way or another. Cool?

Get the following:

2 Red Snappers (cleaned and scaled) or Filets, it does not matter

2 tsp Salt

2 tsp Black Pepper

Cooking Oil

½ cup Vinegar

1 Scotch Bonnet Pepper

1 Lg. Onion (sliced)

20 Pimento Seed (Allspice)

1 tsp. Sugar

Heat the cooking oil on a high fire so that the oil will get hot easily. In the meantime prepare the fish for frying by washing them and then drying in paper towels. Then rub the fish with salt and black pepper. Turn the fire to medium and carefully place the fish in the hot oil; be very careful that the fish is completely dry before you put them into the oil or else the hot oil will sparkle and splash if water gets in it.

Some people lightly coat the fish with flour before frying them, I think that is optional. You can do it if you feel like and see how it turns out, I have never done that.

Fry the fish until they are lightly brown and then put them into a casserole dish. Discard the cooking oil.

Heat the vinegar on medium low in the frying pan; do not boil the vinegar. Add the sugar and mix it into the vinegar until it dissolves. Now add the rest of the ingredients to the vinegar and sugar solution. Let it simmer for another four or five minutes, the pour it on the fish in the casserole dish. Cover the fish with plastic wrap or foil and let them sit for two hours or so, longer if you want to.

The objective is to let the boiled vinegar soak into the fish before serving. Also you could add thinly sliced carrots, cho cho, (Christophine) bell peppers, to the medley if you wish. And, you could add water to the vinegar if the sauce is too strong.

Irie!! Yah Mon!! Happy Cooking,

Uncle Zack

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