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Jamaican Cleansing#031
January 26, 2007

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Jamaican Cleansing

Now that the holiday season is over and you are back to the regular routine, maybe you will have a little time to entertain me on a subject that no one cares to talk about too much…cleansing. You see, you and me spend all year enjoying the good food and fine spirits that we most certainly deserve, right?

However, there comes a time when you must pay the piper. Not in a negative way, just know that you’ll have to do some thing that you may not like to do to continue enjoying life to its fullest. Cool? Ok.

When I was a youngster, back in the old days, my friends and I always complain and grumble when it was time to take ‘wash out’ as we call it. Now ‘wash out’ was the local slang for taking some laxatives of sorts. But just saying that you were going to take a laxative would mean you are simply constipated. Being constipated is no big deal since you have a plethora of vegetables dishes to help you relieve yourself and keep the pipes clear.

However, taking ‘wash out’ means that you are clearing the pipes and at the same time taking care of your internal organs and trying to maintain your body to keep healthy.

So, even though the end results (gimmie me a bone, alright) are the same between ‘wash out’ and a regular laxative, the former has been touted as more efficient and medically sound…Eh…eh!

Here is the thing that I could not understand, how come we have to take ‘wash out’ and the same people who dispense all these horrible tasting concoctions never took a sip of any thing they fed us? If they were so convinced that these ‘wash out’ things were the elixir of life and continued healthy living then…drink some.

Let me see your face as the bitter liquid slowly rolls down your gullet and every nerve in your body contracts from the sudden shock of an unpalatable invader. Yeah, Aunt Estelle, Papa Henry, Daddy, Aunt Brownie, and the rest. They made giving us ‘wash out’ their ultimate reason for living, it seems.

‘ Wash out’ stopped somewhere between my fourteenth and fifteenth birthday, though. I graduated then into the upper echelons of making my decision as to what goes into my mouth, when I please…with a bad ass attitude. I later discovered that that behavior was not so good. In my late teens I started to feel the effects of eating and drinking too much sweets and not cleansing my body. Headaches, nausea, and dizziness.

By this time the rules had changed, too. Because I was an adult, I could take different kinds of ‘wash out’ that were exclusive for adults and not have too much bad after taste.

One the other hand, I was expected to endure any bad tasting drink because I am a man now…all that macho stuff, you know.

But ‘wash out’ has kept me healthy. And thanks to our parents for keeping a constant vigil on our health for the first few years of our lives. In my opinion, their exercising such control is from pure love and care.

Well I have a cleansing recipe for you that does not taste as horrible as the ones I had when I was a child. I am not going to say it tastes good. No no…but it good fe yu..yah mon!

1 Aloe Vera Leaf (a.k.a. Single Bible)

4 oz, Water

Get a large aloe vera leaf, about 18” long, and wash off the dirt from it. Slice across the leaf into about six pieces. Use a medium sharp knife and peel the green skin from the leaf. The inside of the leaf should reveal a slimy pulp-like substance. Be very careful with the knife because it will slip sometimes.

Put all the slimy pulp into a blender and add the water. Puree this mix for two minutes and then pour a small portion into a glass and drink it down fast.

It is bitter…it tastes green, too. It’s like having a green drink. This is a good little ‘wash out’ that will give a mild bowel action. And, it’s all natural, you know what I mean.

You should drink this before you go to bed for four straight nights.

If you want to go bold with this cleanser, take the skin that you remove from the aloe vera and boil it in about four ounces of water for eight minutes. Let sit on the stove in a covered pot for another 10 minutes.

Well this aloe vera tea is much more bitter than the above mentioned drink, so you may want to add your favorite sweetener to this tea. Drink a half a cup every morning for four days. Your eyes will roll over in your head and your tongue will try to hide some where in your mouth, but remember…it is good for you. It’s only for four days out of 365.

Cleanse your system and take good care of your structa (body)…you only have one.


Uncle Zack

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