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Kick'n Stew Peas...Feel the Warmth
November 29, 2009

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Jamaican Vegetarian Stew Peas

The last time I spoke about Stew Peas, I showed what a difference your stew could become by adding nutmeg-the little nut that we use so often in our drinks-to enhance the stew’s taste. Well, I am not done talking about the different ways you can change stew peas.

And I know stew peas may not be on your list because the holidays are upon us again and you’ll be cooking the traditional dishes and so forth. However, before we get into the ‘spirit of the holidays,’ let me get this little Jamaican Vegetarian Stew Peas dish onto your list before the year ends…Cool?

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Alright then. As you know, I am an experimenter with Jamaican food. This is so because Jamaican food comes from different cultures brought together to make this wonderful cuisine which is palatable to most people around the world. But that is not the point so much. No Mon! The point is that Jamaican food is adaptable in many ways: my experience in the Jamaican restaurant business made me realize that our food can be adjusted and retooled as needed. I, myself, have done this re-adjustment many times; I am proud of it, too.

Anyway, my wife Mavis made some curry soya chunks some time ago just to try something different and in some ways prove a point: it was delicious. While both of us ate the chunks and chatted, we agreed that this would be a good meat substitute for Stew Peas. Although we realized that the soya chunks would be a good ‘faux meat,’ we did nothing about it.

Well, after the nutmeg experiment with the Stew Peas a few weeks ago, I asked her to prepare another stew peas dish using soya chunks. She did… Yah Mon! I have to confess, Mavis mash it up dis time, yu know. Mi seh…it wicked mon! The stew’s taste was out- of- this-world. I did not miss the taste of meat in my stew peas, at all. No Mon! The soya chunks were properly cooked into the stew peas with a flavor that made them so soft and succulent; I ate four bowls of stew in less than three hours. Yah Mon! I was a glutton that night.

Anyway, give this Jamaican vegetarian stew peas dish a try and let me know how it turns out…Cool?

Jamaican Vegetarian Stew Peas Ingredients: 1lb Red Kidney Beans 4oz. Soya Chunks

2 level tsp. Salt

2 stlk. Scallions

2 sprg. Thyme

2oz. Cooking Oil

3 pints. Water

1 tbsp Paprika

1 tbsp. Black Pepper


Soak the Soya Chunks in water for ten minutes. Wash Red Kidney Beans and remove discolored beans or foreign matter. Cook beans in water until they are soft (this will take some time; add water as needed).

Add scallions, thyme, black pepper, paprika and cooking oil. Cook for 3 minutes on high then taste the stew.

Turn the stove down to medium and then add soaked soya chunks the stew and let the stew simmer for another ten minutes. Stir the pot and then taste the stew again. Get a second opinion about the stew. If you are satisfied with the taste, serve the stew with rice or your favorite starch such as crackers, pasta, bread, or boiled potatoes.

Yah Mon!!!

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