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Other Fried Fritters...Get the new taste#035
July 01, 2007

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Other Fried Fritters

If I am ever accused of being a bit of a fix-it man, I strongly agree. And, in the food business, I have had to fix some things that I thought were out of whack, so to say. For example, when I could not get Roti to make a Jerk Wrap, I used Mexican tortillas as a substitute to solve that problem. That may not be a big deal since that is just common sense, you know, but the mere idea of changing the traditional Caribbean flour wrap for a Central American wrap is not usually the done thing among us.

Well here is another scenario that may tie into this situation later on, as I will explain. You know that fried dumplings are the first choice when it comes to having ‘fried flour’ at breakfast. Why is that so? This question has been on my mind for some time. Even as a child I could not understand or explain why fried dumplings continued to upstage fritters all the time.

If you go to someone’s house or a restaurant for breakfast, the fried dumplings are usually the first offerings mentioned along with the ‘salting’ as though there is a marriage with all the dedication to the fried dumpling. Ah true mi a talk…dumpling with callaloo, ackee, bully beef, cheese, liver…gravy…oil…fish, even porridge. Lawd…a wha so.

We never called upon fried fritters to join with anything whatsoever. That may be logical because the ‘salting’ is sometimes inside the fritters already, you know. With that being the case, fritters should be the first choice of ‘breakfast fry-up’ then. But no…fried fritters are there on their own as second choice.

Now how do we ‘fix’ this so that fritters can get a little more attention, as it is easier to make ( as well.

You have to change the ‘salting’ ingredients.

In the old days when times were tough and we could not afford all the usual food trimmings we had to create ‘new ways’ of cooking with what we had, Yah Mon! Therefore, instead of making fritters with saltfish we used red herring, also known as Solomon Gundy ...very salty. And also on some Thursdays ( Ben Johnson Day) we used Bully Beef, salty as well.

When we ‘run-a-boat’ in the bushes, with my friends, you never know what types fritters will be made; it all depends on what is available. We made shrimp fritters once by chopping up the shrimp into small pieces before adding it to the batter. The one mistake we made was not adding enough salt to the batter.

However, the possibilities of making fried fritters the talk of the day is not that hard at all. All you need is the mind set to ‘fix it’ another way with all sorts of ingredients that no one else thought about, and invite your friends over and see the result.

I would like to challenge you to make different Jamaican fried fritters using the methods from this page on the site ( Try anything such as salmon, mackerel, crab, or shrimp, and let me know how it turns out. Remember to pay attention to the amount of salt you are using because the self-rising flour has salt in it, too.

Yah Mon!

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