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Jamaican Guava Drink...Sweeter that Sweet #019
November 07, 2005

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Please pardon my intrusion because this is not a regular e-zine but just bear with me while I remind you that the Christmas season is here. Well you may not need me to remind you. However, if you are going to bake a Jamaican Christmas cake this year, and I suspect you will, now is the time to start soaking your fruits in rum or wine.

Some Jamaicans soak the fruits for a whole year, no problem, I have no opinion about that one way or another, but start soaking your fruits now.

By the middle of December you should have a real nice set of fruits ready for baking. Now I am biased toward using Jamaican White Rum, but if you can’t get it use Bacardi or any over proof rum. Failing that, any port wine will do. Cool?...YAH MON!

Happy Baking,

Uncle Zack

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