Breadfruit is used more like a vegetable than a fruit. However, it doesn't matter what you or I may call it because it tastes sweet when ripe.

                 Bresheh on the tree

Sliced Roast Breadfruit

Let’s prepare your bresheh in the following ways:


1 medium bresheh

An open flame

Cut the stem from the bresheh and discard it. Use a sharp knife and make two incisions crossing each other to make an x in the top of the vegetable. These incisions will allow the vegetable to breathe as it is roasted.

Place the bresheh on the stove with the bottom facing the flame and turn the flame to medium. Roast the vegetable on the bottom for 30 minutes. Now, using a kitchen cloth hold the vegetable, and turn it upside down onto the flame and let it roast for another 30 minutes.

Just to make sure the vegetable is thoroughly roasted, turn it onto the side for another ten minutes, rotating it slowly as it roasts.

Remove the bresheh from the stove, and slice it in halves at the incisions made earlier. If it’s not completely roasted, it’s no problem. Put the halves back onto the fire and roast for another five minutes.

Turn off the stove and remove the vegetable. Allow it to cool for about an hour. Now, carefully peel the blackened roasted skin with sharp knife. Then remove the center piece or the heart as it is sometimes called. Cut 1-inch slices along the length of the vegetable and arrange them with your favorite meat or meat-kind.



½ tsp. Salt

2 cups Water

1 cup Cooking oil

Make a salt and water solution to taste then soak the slices in the solution. Heat the oil in the iron skillet or frying pan. Use a paper towel to remove the excess water from the slices and then place them into the hot oil…fry until golden brown.

Be careful that all the water is removed from the slices before you place them into the frying pan.

You can also use coconut milk instead of water to make your soaking solution. It gives the chips that coconut flavor.


1 medium breadfruit

Cut off the stem and cut the vegetable into quarters. Remove the heart with a sharp knife and then peel the skin. Add the bresheh to boiling water with salt and other vegetables like yams, bananas, pumpkins, and potatoes. Boil for an hour and then serve as an accompaniment with other vegetables, meat or fish.


½ medium fit Breadfruit

¼ tsp. Salt

2 pints Water

2 oz. Sweetened Condensed Milk

3 oz. Evaporated Milk.

1 pinch ground Nutmeg

¼ tsp. Vanilla Flavoring

½ oz. Flour

Put water on stove and turn fire on high. In the meantime remove the skin and heart from the bresheh. Cut the vegetable into small pieces. Add pieces to an electric blender with a little water and puree.

Add pureed ingredients to boiling water and then add salt. Allow the vegetable to boil, occasionally stirring the pot. To thicken the porridge, add the flour to one cup of cold water and mix into a liquid paste. When the breadfruit is cooked, add other ingredients and sweeten to taste.

You may also omit the flour and thicken the porridge by evaporation; cook until it thickens naturally.

Serve in small soup bowls with ground nutmeg.


1 Medium half-ripened Breadfruit (brown spotted)

1 cup sweetened condensed Milk

¼ cup Evaporated Milk

1 tbsp. Sugar

¼ tsp. Ground Nutmeg

2 tbsp. Jamaican White Rum (optional)

2 tbsp. Red Label Jamaican Wine

Cut the fruit into quarters and remove the heart and seeds. Remove the skin with a sharp knife. Boil the pieces in water on medium fire until they are soft. Pour some of the water from the pot into an electric blender with pieces of fruit and then blend until smooth.

Add all the other ingredients to the mixture when finished and stir with a wooden spoon. The thickness of the punch is dependent upon the amount of water you use. Add ice cubes to the punch and set in the refrigerator for about two hours.

Yah Mon!!!

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