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Jamaican Easter foods...Bun & Cheese #012
March 21, 2005

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Jamaican Easter Foods

Lent is a period of forty days, Sundays excluded, which began this year on February 9th and will end March 26th this year. This is supposedly a time of penance, reflection, and atonement for Christians throughout the world- this is Easter my friend.

During this season, some people give up on vice, and refrain from some of their favorite activities or pastimes such as drinking alcohol, having sex, and eating meat.

The sex and alcohol part I am not too sure about but giving up meat was a common thing back in the old days. Those who could not hold out on a meatless forty days observed Fridays only as their fasting day. And then some would only eat fish on Fridays during lent.

Try this fish recipe for Easter Brown Stew Fish And if you get bored with eating the fish on Fridays, try fish soup or fish tea.

Now Easter in Jamaica would not be complete without bun & cheese. Eating bun & cheese has been an Easter tradition for a how long I don’t know. However, this favorite combination is almost the reason for Easter. You can make your own Easter bun if you like at Jamaican Snacks. Enjoy your buns with sharp cheddar cheese. And don’t forget…give away some.

If you are not up to making Easter buns do like I many Jamaicans do, buy the buns from the grocery store. Apart from the convenience, the buns are of a higher quality at Easter. Because of the Easter season, many Jamaican bakeries virtually compete for the best tasting Easter buns around town.

And sharp cheddar cheese is the cheese of choice when eating bun, at Easter or any other time. I would recommend you get Tastee brand cheese, but if you can’t, any cheddar cheese will do.

I prefer aged Swiss cheese with my Easter bun, breaking away from “ the Easter tradition,” since Swiss is not sticky and it has a better bite – I may get kicked out of the Tribe for that…if that happens I’ll join the Swiss tribe (just joking). Enjoy Easter and if you go to Jamaica during this season, the parties and Carnival Fridays are waiting for you...‘Nuff food ‘n Stuff.

Easter Monday is a Big National Holiday...more partying...Oh Lawd!

Yah Mon

Uncle Zack

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