Jamaican recipes that will make you say... YAH MON!

Can you say? "Hold the spice," Of course you can! These Jamaican Recipes will make you the talk of the town, neighborhood, school, social club, church, campsite...you know.

You will impress your friends with these exotic recipes.

Have you ever tried any of these recipes: Brown Stewed Fish, Escovitch Fish, Curry Chicken, Goat Meat, Rice & Peas, Seasoned Rice, Cabbage and Salt Fish, Cornmeal Porridge, Banana Porridge, Sorrell, Ginger Beer, Calaloo and Dumplings, Bulla?

Or Plantain Tarts, Gizzarda, Top and Bottom, Asham, Beef Pattie and Coco Bread, Bun & Cheese, Toto, Jerk Chicken, Yam & Banana with Saltfish, Bully Beef & Bread, and Dutty Gal?

Or Shad & Banana, Red Herring & Crackers, Mackerel & Banana...to rahtid, cuyah...eh...eh. a yahso it deh... YAH MON Oh! Sorry (I shall now switch to Her Majesty's English) I got carried away.

Yes, it's easy to get carried away when talking/writing about these foods. I get the mouth-watering effect that makes me hungry.

Some of the names of the foods mentioned in the above sentences may not sound familiar to you, but don’t worry…you’ll become an expert cook making these dishes in no time.

Another thing not to worry about is how you pronounce the names of the food…if you don’t get it, big deal. Taste is what we are concerned about, not names.

And if you meet a Mr. or Mrs. Brag & Boast know-it-all Jamaican cook, be nice to him/her, and try to get some of his/her  cooking methods, believe me the knowledge wont hurt you.


Over time, in our little restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia we have heard several people say they like the Jamaican food but it’s “too spicy.” That’s before they try anything on our menu…go figure.

And to their surprise, after tasting a sample of our food, such as Stew Chicken or Oxtail, their expression was,"this is soooo good, can I have the recipe?" "mmm...Sure!"

See, no need to hold the spice. Why? It isn’t hot and spicy at all.

You can cook any Jamaican food with or without hot peppers and it will taste just as good. I do it all the time.

And you know, Jamaicans have children too and children are not too happy about eating anything that burns their mouths. Ask them.

We cook so that the family can enjoy the food, from the old to the young.

But seriously, when I give you these authentic recipes and you prepare them following our directions you will say, YAH MON !!!, after sucessful completion of your cooking, or yell something close to it.

In the meantime, "hold the spice" bottle until you drip it dry.

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