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Mavis, my lovely wife, and I decided a few years ago that we would like to teach Jamaican cooking to some of our customers who were asking us to reveal our cooking methods and techniques to them. The people who had asked were serious about learning to cook Jamaican food, but they could not make it to the scheduled classes that we had set up; the times were not convenient for all of us.

On top of that, we were not completely prepared to offer the cooking classes as we really knew how, because we needed to plan some more and do a little organization.

While we were planning this cooking course, we also ran into some difficulties with insurance issues and class capacity for one of the buildings, which we had rented to run our restaurant. To cut a long story short, we ended up not teaching the course because it would have placed us in a position of gross liability if there was an accident involving any of the class attendees. We therefore kept this idea in mind and waited for the right moment to make this cooking class happen.

The moment never came, as you might suspect. Still, we pondered about this endeavor many more times, while trying to stay away from the legal responsibilities that automatically come with the intended project.

Well nothing happened for over a year, and we were still stuck in the planning and idea stages of this Jamaican cooking thing.

I logged onto the Internet one day and played around with one of the search engines and bumped into an e-book named, Make Your Content Presell, MYCPS; this little e-book changed everything for Mavis and me in terms of teaching Jamaican cooking.

However, before I get into that, let me say that the argument has come up that it would be easier to refer people to a Jamaica cookbook to learn how to cook Jamaican food instead of spending time on a Web site dedicated to such a common exercise.

Well first, let me say this. I have read many Jamaican cookbooks in my time. I also agree that they are well-presented and written by the most respected people in the Jamaican cooking business-even the Jamaican cookbooks written by non-Jamaicans are very good.

However, the common thread among these cooking authors is, they assume that you are experienced and know how to cook already. I am not going to blame them for assuming that either, but if you are a novice and have not a clue about Jamaican cooking, or any type of cooking, then you are so out of luck. This is where we come in.

Our mission is to give you step-by-step instructions when making Jamaican foods and drinks. And, moreover, bring a little fun and laughter to the kitchen, as everyone should, each time you enter. We also like to experiment with Jamaican cooking instead of following rigidly-written recipes that are so common today.

We believe that a little variety in Jamaican cooking makes it more interesting as well, because some Jamaican cookbooks will not tell you how to substitute different items when you are cooking. Some of these cookbooks also fall short in giving you the basics on making some Jamaican sauces. Even worse, you would have to jump from one cookbook to another just to get the basics on some recipes.

Granted some of our recipes are old traditional ones from my two aunts, Mavis’ grandmother, and a few of our friends and relatives but we modernize them because we have to do so. In essence, traditional Jamaican cooking will have to move forward with the times or it will become outdated.

It's not possible, today, to just stay with the old because there are many Jamaican food manufacturers who’ve made advances in creating new sauces, chutneys, and other delicious spices from our traditional base; creating a positive impact on the food that has made Jamaican food more popular around the world. It is also a matter of convenience, too.

We therefore request that you to “pass it on” when you sign up for our e-zine, Foodie Jamaican. You should always pass on good things, good news, and good recipes. Surely, we rely on you to make people happy with our Jamaican recipes each time you receive one. Yah Mon!

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Well the Internet, with its billions and billions of electrons, is a real benefit to many people who are seeking information about any particular subject these days. Because of that, our planning and idea stages came to a screeching halt after reading the e-book that I mentioned earlier, MYCPS. I downloaded a copy of the e-book, took it to a copy service and the rest is history. Reading this e-book blew my mind, so to speak. For the first time in my life, I was able to understand the world of the Internet without the techno-geek jargon and reading manual-type explanations of a simple thing...writing.

Even though I was internet savvy, I could not believe that an average Joe like me could publish a Web site like jamaican-recipes.com and place it in the top ten positions in the SERP (search engine report pages). I also found out that everyone has some kind of knowledge that could benefit people and at the same time make a little money while offering that knowledge to someone else.

Let us say you have a passion that you would like to share with someone such as, basket weaving, playing the guitar, interior decorating, blowing glass, bungee jumping, bird watching, building motorbikes, playing the harp, snorkeling, childcare, women health issues, taking care of the elderly, gardening, etc. the list goes on and on.

You could create a website to help people know more about your particular area of interest. That is what we did. In addition, it is done with much love and passion…this is not hard because we like it so much. Look at what some people have done with their passion… See the passion for yourself...Click here! If you love something with all your heart, you could make many people happy with your giving them a part of your knowledge. We did it after I read the e-book and use the software program, SoloBuildIt.


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