Jamaican Food Recipe...A Little Background

Jamaican food recipes should not to be followed like a chemistry equation. Don't even dare do that.

Remember, most of these recipes were just "experiments", because of the situation that the people were in...People from Asia, Africa and Europe meeting on foreign soil.

They, the people, "borrowed" quite a bit from each other during the Jamaican food recipe experiment. Suffice to say, you may find some of the same dishes having a different taste according to what part of the island of Jamaica from which they may originate.

Also, modern cooking techniques have influenced Jamaican style cooking to bring about a taste that one may consider to be "not traditional"...whatever not traditional is.

I do know that the vast majority of people around the world enjoy eating good food that tastes good. Let's leave “traditional” to the "culture vultures"...part of a dying breed.

Just bear with me a little, while I give you some background reality on this subject, traditional.

Traditional means the same ol’ same ol’ day in day out. Period. Now who would want to eat the same thing everyday? Not you… or me. And if we were to write about it, no one would find it interesting.

I say, when it comes to Jamaican cooking, break the rules as much as possible…do a likkle a dis an’ a likkle a dat. Instead of serving your Curry Chicken with White Rice, do it with Pasta, or Bread….Nuff Said.

While I may try to give you the “correct” way to prepare these Jamaican recipes, you will decide what you like most and what you don’t like. You da boss.

For example, let’s say you decide to cook dinner for the family, and your children or a family member/friend is sensitive to high spiced foods. You would not put that Scotch Bonnet Pepper in the food, even if your recipe requires it.

Even though the Scotch Bonnet Pepper will give the food the right flavour. Right? There you go…”not traditional”, but still tastes good.

The objective in bringing you these Jamaican food recipes is to help those of you who have tried to make Jamaican food, and failed, and you who will fail, when trying to make Jamaican food.

Failure is never final, and success in never certain. So, my good friends, let’s trod on to Auntie Mae-Mae's kitchen where we will face the fire with these Jamaican food recipes.

Bring your creative side and sense of adventure while we explore making these Jamaican Dishes.

Get in the mood...open up the windows...put on your favorite reggae CD from Shaggy to Beenie Man, or Bob Marley to UB40, or listen to any of the5,000 Internet Radio Stations... Yah Mon!

We’re going to have a “bashment cooking” tonight.


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