Good Olde Ginger Beer



¼ lb. Ginger Root

1 lb. Sugar

½ lb. lime

3 cups water

½ cup of Ice (crushed)


Electric Blender

Large Mixing Bowls

Fine grain Strainer

Wash the ginger root to remove any dirt or foreign matter, then cut the ginger root into tiny pieces, let us say 1/8 inch.

Put ginger in the Electric Blender one handful at a time until the Blender is ¾ ways full, each time.

Add about ½ cup of water to the ginger in the Blender. Turn the Blender switch to Puree and allow ginger to process until they are ground to a pulp.

Remove pulp and place into a large mixing bowl. Add 1 cup water to pulp.

Using your clean hand, squeeze the pulp in your palm, allowing the juice to flow through the strainer. Put the squeezed pulp on a plate to the side.

Repeat this process until all the pulp is squeezed. Add water to the squeezed pulp that you put on a plate earlier, in a mixing bowl. 

Squeeze this pulp again. Drain the ginger in another container through the strainer so as to stop any remaining pulp from getting in the final product.

Mix all ingredients together. Your drink is ready.

CAUTION : This drink is very harsh and pungent. It will burn your throat a little. My suggestion is dilute this drink to your level of tolerance.

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