The new rave...RSS

What is RSS? It’s the new way to get information from many different sources on the Internet. And you will be surprised to know that you can gather information that interests you on the Net without being spammed by giving out your e-mail address or other personal information.

With RSS you will be able to link to many different Web sites and get the skinny on your favorite artistes; gossip, his or her release of a new CD or movie and much more. You will also get the latest news from around the globe at your fingertips. No need to add any more favorite sites to your web-browser or subscribe to any e-zine, except mine, Foodie Jamaican, of course. I’m just joking with you. YAH MON!

With RSS the sky’s the e-limit.

RSS means Real Simple Syndication. This terminology is really of no importance, since you will hear this term used interchangeably with other syndication formats in the near future. But for now it’s the latest rave and so it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

RSS work, you have to get your “feeds” using a news aggregator. This a piece of software you use to upload the information for your viewing.

For Windows users go to and get a free copy ofRSS Reader.

For Mac users go to After you’ve downloaded your software and it’s working properly, right-click on the orange button on the home page of and select "Copy Shortcut."

Go to File then Add Feed on your RSS Reader and click Next and your feed should display as expected. While it may take some practice to get used to this way of information gathering, you will not be disappointed at all.

In the meantime, play around with your RSS Reader and subscribe to many feeds.

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